So, if you follow me on instagram you probably saw my indecisiveness on why images and signs of wolf energy kept coming into my life. I kept having dreams of wolves, going to markets and seeing paintings of wolves, etc. It did not make sense to me because, based off of what I thought I knew about wolves, I didn't have many similarities with them. I thought, a wolf pack? I don't have a pack. Fierceness and power; I wouldn't necessarily describe myself with these words. And then something happened that changed my life.

I was at Artists & Fleas in Venice, CA selling my products. A group of boys came up to me and asked, if you had 24 hours left to live what would you do. Immediately I thought, I want to climb to the top of a mountain and howl with wolves. I want to connect with wolves. This inner instinct that forced me to feel like I NEEDED to connect with a wolf changed my entire life. The next day, (I know how crazy this sounds) the random boys I met surprised me by taking me to the only wolf sanctuary that lets you be face to face with these radiant creatures (I'll link the video that they took of me from their youtube channel, @yestheory, once it launches).


Wolves are the most amazing creatures. I am literally in shock - in the best kind of way. I want to share with you my interaction with the wolves and then I want to explain briefly the spiritual symbolisms behind these creatures and what they mean in your own life.


The image captured above is a photo of me apologizing to the wolf Holan. These creatures have been misunderstood throughout time. We tend to see them as vicious wild creatures, when really they are extremely sensitive and actually would rather avoid altercations or fights. When wolves are excited and happy to greet you they come right into your face, lick you, and almost nibble on your nose if that makes sense? Ignore all you've heard about never putting your face in a random dogs face because with wolves in this sanctuary, they actually find it hurtful and take it very personally if you don't.


The eyes are the gateway to our soul. By allowing the wolf to gaze into our eyes, we are allowing them to see our truth, in return, we gain their respect and trust.


I was told to sit up on one of the picnic tables in the sanctuary because they were about to let Holan out. I did not know that this is how wolves greeted humans, so when Holan jumped up on the table and put his nose in my face, I kind of flinched back. He was so sad about it. Holan got off the table and sat down by the outside of his cage. The woman running the sanctuary said to apologize to him. I kneeled down by Holan, held his face, and looked him in the eyes. He met my eyes, starred into them for a little, and then raised his paw, implying that he forgave me and I could rub his stomach.


I have never experienced something like that in my entire life. I don't know how to describe the feeling of us looking into each others eyes. My stomach dropped, but it was mixed with butterflies as well, and all of a sudden there was a calmness.



I want to go over the different meanings wolves have, and if you feel connected to wolves in any way, hopefully this will help you determine why.


Wolf Spirit Animal

A wolf as a spirit animal represents our ability of balance and personal power. This creature aids as a reminder to remain our true unique self.


Wolf Totem

Wolves positioned as a totem animal represents a craving for liberation and freedom and a love for nature. It represents the ability to walk away from the pack and pave your own path. Wolves as a totem animal also represent your innate intuitive power.


Wolf Symbolism

Wolves represent a symbol of freedom. They could be arising in your life to symbolize that it is time to listen to your instincts very closely and not to trust others as easily as you tend to. Also, sometimes wolves can symbolize that it is time to break from your pack and become a "lone wolf"; this could help you discover your true passion and lead you to reach your dreams - no restraint, just pure freedom.


So overall, after meeting these radiant creatures, I learned that I am actually very much like a wolf. A deep creature, with strong intuitive instincts, extremely sensitive to energies and those around us, also with an extreme craving for absolute freedom. And no, not all wolves travel in packs. The alpha female and alpha male are actually lone wolves their entire lives, traveling and living on their own until they finally meet each other and start their own pack. All of the stereotypes I claimed to know about wolves actually weren't fully true. For more information on where I went or any questions you have, please feel free to email me!


Sending infinite peace & love your way,

xx Morgan Bea


Through the amber eyes of this powerful and wise being, I was healed. I felt my true soul arise to the surface. The wild and free spirit that has been dying to get into the light finally made its way. All the confusion about life and purpose were eliminated. I was not just looking into a wolves eyes, I was looking into my own soul. My life is forever changed and I encourage anyone, anywhere, to connect with these amazing creatures. I feel as if my intuition and the universe led me into this moment to help me awaken, and move forward towards the life I dream of.