If you are sensitive to the universe and the energies in which are within this radiant life, you have definitely been feeling the effects of this moon.

As you know, full moons allow our emotions to become heightened as everything is becoming released when the moon becomes full. But, be in no fear, if something is in need of being rebalanced, the moon's energy will allow it to be.

Eclipse's bring emotional things to the surface, but it is important to remember that these feelings are resulting in us being set free. The moon is either on the North node or the South node in direction to the sun. This eclipse is on the South node which works to release energy and release those things in which no longer serve us.

When you hear there is a full moon in Aquarius, it means that Aquarian energy is being released from this full moon. Aquarian's are air signs and the sign of non-conforming. They are known to have a mind of their own, while obtaining the energy of being free. The urge to be free from restriction will be extremely prominent during the coming days of this full moon, as well as sudden urges to make changes and decisions.

It is important to note that Mars is in retrograde, meaning that the planet is closer to the Earth than it normally is and Mars' energy will be amplified. Mars obtains energy of impulsivity, aggression (mainly karmic aggression - revisiting past situations), edginess, as well as a time in which you could easily lash out. Be aware that these emotions may be coming into play. The energy of Mars even more pushes the urges we have to release and get rid of things that do not serve us, but this energy can feel aggressive and violent.

This moon represents the need of letting go, emotional freedom, finding what you're passionate about and achieving that passion, as well as transformation; realizing that YES it is possible, and you are capable of achieving your desires. It is the time of endings and new beginnings. This is a transitional phase of life in which many things are becoming completed and finalized, resulting in emotional release. There may be losses, but healing, growth and self realization of your true identity will follow after this release.

The time leading up to this moon you may have realized that people from your past have been naturally falling away and this will continue to happen because you have now moved on to a different frequency; in which happened in order for you to grow. During this moon it is very important to stay open to releasing the past, knowing that it is much needed to let go of things that are no longer meant to be in your life. You are transforming.

The total full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius reminds you to cleanse & release to find your freedom and most importantly,

Listen to your intuition.