My whole life I have obtained a consuming obsession with freedom. The ability to express yourself how you wish, and to become the self you were destined to be. I always was craving the discovery of my passion. It feels as if I've waited so long to uncover this feeling of soul purpose; finally, I have.


I have a passion for healing; for uncovering meanings into intrinsic symbolic discoveries of our deepest and purest self. I have a passion to embrace the unlimited possibilities of living the life you've dreamed of.


The most important person to trust and love is yourself. I have finally proven to myself that I am not just a dreamer, as I've watched myself manifest vivid dreams into a breathing reality.


I have experienced people who have attempted to restrict me of this sense of freedom, through ill intentions of control and power, but also through one-sided opinions of attempting to protect. I cannot stress the importance of letting the one's you love remain wild. If it is meant to be, there wild self will bring them back to you; you will be apart of their freedom.


This collection is a celebration to the start of mine and your journey, of breaking all restrictions and discovering your well deserved highest self, leading you towards your freedom, as well as a peaceful reminder to let those you love remain wild.