I want to keep this as short & sweet as I can, so lets start with...


Tools to keep a positive mind:


✧ Actively trying to eliminate all negative words spoken ✧


I know it is much easier said than done, but starting with not spreading negative energy through words can lessen the chances of our minds creating negative thoughts.

It has been proven scientifically through a psychological study that those who believe they have good luck, seem to have amazing luck! And those who repetitively say “just my luck” or “this always happens to me, my luck sucks” seem to have bad luck. With this information, you can choose which route you want to take, and actively work towards a more positive life for yourself and those around you; all through the power of your mind and what perspective you choose to view.

✧ Trust the timing of your life ✧


Sometimes we tend to forget that everything is happening in accordance to how it was meant to be. Things would not be happening if the universe did not plan it to come through (I say universe, one may say God or etc.) All that you are going through is leading you to where you are meant to be.

✧ Learn to Love thyself ✧


Kindness, the ability to celebrate others and genuinely be happy for them, all stems from a love that is deep within ourselves. What we view in the world, is in a way, a reflection of how we view ourself. Once we believe in the beauty of ourself, we cannot help but see the beauty in everything else. We all have different things that make us insecure, or things that, overall, make us feel bad about ourself. If I catch myself thinking negative thoughts about someone, or accidentally am mean to someone, it causes me to feel very insecure about my inner being/ my soul. So to sustain confidence, I try to be kind to everyone and spread love. Psychologically, a key to happiness is being kind to people you encounter in your every day life (mail men, pharmacy, grocery store, etc.)

Physicality of course can cause us to feel insecure as well. For example, if there is an occasional insecurity, once in a while some acne pops up, that isn’t a major interference with the longevity of our confidence - but suppose you have struggled with bad skin your entire life and that is an insecurity of yours; find tools such as changing your diet, or using different products on your face; one may decide to seek a dermatologist to help them. It is fine to want to fix your insecurities.

Life is too short to feel uncomfortable with our shell for the majority of our time on this Earth. Of course do not feel pressure to change yourself, but also, do not feel pressure to not change something that effects you severely. Also, as cheesy as it sounds, write down all of the things you love about yourself. Physicality, personality wise, etc. get deep into detail, about your soul, how you’ve overcome struggles, how you’ve accomplished so much. Writing down these things helps remind us of all the radiant things we love about ourself.

✧ Surround yourself with people that celebrate you, not tolerate you ✧


Oh!!!!! When I started this journey, my entire life changed. It is so important to be around people that purely have good intentions towards you and that LOVE every part of you. Settling for less effects us in the long run in many ways. I would much rather be alone with my own company than around people who do not celebrate me as a being (this process is built off of the confidence we have raised within ourself first). And I choose the same for others, I will only be around you if I know I will celebrate you as well! Others energy can effect us more than we realize. Choose to be around those that lift you up and remind you of the radiant light you carry.

Tools to manifest your dreams:


✧ Step out of the box ✧

As young kids we were repetitively shut down when we spoke upon something that seemed “unrealistic” to the mass majority. Well, here is some news, you are not the mass majority if you do not choose to be. Acknowledging that you are not going to settle for anything less than your worth is where it all begins.


✧ Learn to trust yourself ✧


Start to prove to yourself, starting with just the smaller things, that you can make the thoughts you have surface in your physical reality. For example, if you tell yourself you are going to workout at 8am tomorrow morning, wake up and work out tomorrow at 8am. If you say after college you're going to move to CA, pack your shit and move to CA!!


✧ Write it down ✧


According to a psychologist from Dominican University in California, you automatically are 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams if you write it down repetitively. I love journaling and I believe this is a great way to organize your thoughts in means of better understanding yourself and your reality.


✧ Tell as many people as you can ✧


By spreading the idea of your dreams to others and putting it into the universe, it is raising your chances of those dreams being brought right back to you. Telling people also creates the opportunity for somebody to assist in aiding you in this journey; they may have suggestions or connections as to how they could lead you into the right direction.


People may shut down your dreams. Those you love may doubt your ability to create this dream into your reality. But, having at least one person that believes in your ability to fulfill your dreams goes a long way. That one person may just be yourself.


✧ Manifestation at it's finest ✧ Envision the life you want every night before you sleep, and each night try to get more detailed with the vision. Tell as many people as you can about this dream you are trying to create your reality. This is something people like to call “manifestation”. It is creating the energetic vibration of your dreams, spreading it into the universe through thoughts as well as repetitively spreading this vision through words to others, who can then imagine it with you creating an even higher frequency.


Spreading infinite love & peace your way.

Message me for more detailed explanations on manifesting your dreams into reality. And always reach out if you are feeling lonely because I am always here.


I love you,

xx Morgan Bea