I asked a couple empaths/healers/light-workers a simple, but powerful question - "when you were a child and felt emotional pain, were you ever told, 'you're too sensitive'?" They all said, "yes".


For highly sensitive beings, this can, and most likely is, a form of trauma.


It causes our psychological processes to be rearranged and unnatural to the instincts we know we feel.


As a brief, but not detailed example:

if someone did something that made you feel unloved, disrespected, or unworthy as a child, and somebody said to you when you were feeling this deep pain, "you are too sensitive" - as a child we take that as "what you are feeling is wrong". So at a very young age, what you felt truly and deeply, was not validated, causing you to think you should "feel" something differently. This causes a bunch of issues when growing up and throughout adulthood.


As a child, when your feelings are not validated, it begins to cause a sense of confusion when associating the self with an emotion; this results in questioning what we actually feel, because at a young age we were exposed to this concept of not what you truly feel, but what you SHOULD be feeling - the RIGHT thing to feel.


Feelings cannot be right or wrong.


This in the long run, results in not feeling understood and not feeling connected to those around you - starting with family, and then when beginning school, friends.


In adulthood, it results in feeling shame for certain emotions we feel, as well as not being able to decipher what we actually feel instinctually, versus what we think we SHOULD feel/ what those around us feel.


As a child, when our feelings were not validated, our sense of self was never confirmed; leaving us wondering, "who am I" and "how do I figure out who I am?". It's important to get to the root of why you are the way you are.


This trauma results in adulthood anxiety and/or depression. Many struggle greatly when it comes to decision making- because instead of asking what you truly want to do, you ask what's the RIGHT thing to do, and that answer varies depending on who you ask, causing the decision to become much harder to make.


We struggle with creating boundaries and saying "no" to people. When others are upset, or take things out on us, we tend to think it is our fault. In relationships, you sometimes become codependent; seeking validation from others because you were never validated as a child, and now you seek for it elsewhere.


There is so much more to talk about regarding this subject and childhood trauma, but I learned this information and thought, I seriously need to share it ASAP, so here we are.


Knowing this information will allow you to see what's truly going on/ why you are the way you are in some aspects.


You must embrace and accept what has happened in order to truly heal and let go - we must do this so we can become our highest self and fulfill the purpose we were meant to in this life.


You are loved deeply, and you are awakening after reading this.


If you want to learn more about yourself as an empath/ highly sensitive being or childhood trauma/ codependency, I recommend watching Candace Van Dell's YouTube channel. She has taught me so much through her videos, as well as my one- on - one sessions with her.