When each being was born, the sun, moon, and eight planets were in specific alignment that will not be repeated again for another 4,320,000 years.

It is so interesting to discover that there is nobody on this Earth with the exact astrological horoscope as one another.

I want to explain in detail some deeper explanations to how astrologers claim they can interpret a beings personality when knowing the exact time, date, and location of someone.


Our sun sign is the sign in which most people hear about. It is the role that we play in our waking life. The sun moves through the 12 astrological signs spending around one month within each zodiac. The sign in which the sun was traveling through at the time of your birth is our Sun Sign. This sign is overall the part of us that is most apparent to the surface.


The moon represents the essence of your soul, unconscious, emotions, and natural inner instincts. The pureness of you that YOU see is your moon sign.


Our rising or ascendant sign is how one appears to the world and those around us. This sign reveals the personality we outwardly display to others.


There are signs in which certain planets were in at the time of our birth and each planet teaches us something unique about ourselves.

Each planet represents something different:

Mercury - reveals how we are regarding to intelligence

Venus - reveals how we are regarding to love and pleasure

Mars - reveals how we are regarding to action and aggression

Jupiter- reveals how we are regarding to luck, optimism, and success

Saturn - reveals how we are regarding to rationalism and responsibility

Uranus - reveals how we are regarding to change and originality

Neptune - reveals how we are regarding to our dream life and mystical qualities

Pluto - reveals how we are regarding to governing the beginning and endings of phases in our life


There are twelve houses in regards to our zodiac. The houses represent the twelve phases of life that ancient astrologers divided in order to understand an individual's life journey.

1ST HOUSE - house of the self

2ND HOUSE - house of money and possessions

3RD HOUSE - house of communication

4TH HOUSE - house of he home (home life)

5TH HOUSE - house of creativity and pleasure

6TH HOUSE - house of service and health

7TH HOUSE - house of partnership and marriage

8TH HOUSE- house of death and regeneration

9TH HOUSE - house of mental exploration and long distance travel

10TH HOUSE - house of career and public standing

11TH HOUSE - house of friends, hopes, and wishes

12TH HOUSE - house of secrets, sorrows, and self-undoing


We are beings of unique and complex parts in which, at some point, relate back to our original soul. Throughout life we endeavors series of paths and events, people are circumstances, that add to our spiritual and emotional growth. By learning about our complete birth chart, we are able to understand our emotional and spiritual selves in regards to our actions and decisions made through life.


I will be offering a Soul Kit beginning 8/25 including:

✧ Sun, Moon, & Rising sign explanation

✧ An art piece of the energy I feel from you

✧ The sign of that the planet of your choice was in regarding to the time of your birth

✧ A crystal I feel as if is most associated with you




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