Healing Bracelets w/ Gold
Healing Bracelets w/ Gold

Healing Bracelets w/ Gold

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Bracelet is approximately 6.5” with genuine healing crystals and non tarnish / hypoallergenic gold filled beads



healing / psychic protection

covers the crown chakra

strongest healing stone in the mineral kingdom

helps one let go of things that no longer serve them

balances and heals chakras

historically known to keep away the evil eye

spiritual and energetic protection



Unconditional Love & Peace

✦ opens the heart to all forms of love

✦ self- confidence and acceptance of inner self

✦ purifies the heart allowing one to recieve and give love to others



Allows us to sustain balance in our system by channeling what we must release & sustain

Associated with the heart chakra calming worries

Allows us to align with the freedom to lead the path untaken

Ancient civilizations are said to claim that green jade blesses anyone in which it touches

Helps dream-solve, aiding one in gaining beneficial knowledge from the soul

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